We provide specialist public relations and public affairs services for clients across a wide variety of industry sectors including financial services, aviation, medical technology, pharmaceutical, healthcare and food.

Founder David Curtin, has over 30 years’ experience in communications, journalism and public affairs and leads a company that is committed to providing a professional and personal service for each of the company’s clients.


When developing communications campaigns for clients, we build the team that best suits their requirements.  It comprises experts in crisis management, media relations, promotions, public affairs, advertising, social media, graphic design, print production, website development and management and internal communications.


You can trust that your business and personal matters will be handled with professionalism, integrity, and the utmost discretion. The end result will be accurate, on time, and get you great results.



Public representatives and civil servants are a key stakeholder for indigenous and multinational clients. Our specialists, with experience of working in Government, inform and advise clients on all aspects of Government policy making. We assist clients to inform Government on relevant research and information relating to upcoming policies.


We facilitate the development of strong client relationships with these stakeholders so that they can share international experience and research with the Government of the day. David Curtin & Co also provides clients with policy research and analysis as well as monitoring trends in international policies on various industry sectors.


Having worked in the media, we understand what editors require and how they think. We also know the editors, reporters and presenters who produce the stories every day. This knowledge and experience contributes to successfully packaging our client’s messages in a way that attracts the attention of the media.


Developing a crisis management plan should not start when a crisis happens. It needs to be developed, refined and tested in advance, with regular reviews to ensure that it will work when required.


David Curtin and his team have been trained in communications for crisis management. We have actively delivered crisis management communications services for clients in the aviation, healthcare, food and public service sectors.


This experience has also helped many more clients to develop a crisis management plan that integrates the work of management, operations, HR and communications teams in the event of a crisis occurring.


We have managed communications for obvious crisis situations including airline accidents and incidents, product recalls, industrial relations and personnel issues. Our experience has also been called upon in managing communications for clients involved in litigation.


This important communications platform must be included in the modern marketing mix for companies and organisations in every industry sector. Our social digital expert works with our clients to make social media deliver for them.


This includes effective use of blogs as well as getting the best results from using Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Our clients’ messages are delivered through simple, practical, smart practices for social media promotion, using tools that manage multiple profiles from one dashboard. We also make sure that our clients see all their conversations through multiple communications channels in one place.


Having worked on major national marketing campaigns, David Curtin & Co has access to some of the finest advertising, design and media purchasing companies in the country. As a result, some of our clients have assigned us to bring together these services in order to manage the entire marketing campaign for products and services.


Over the years, senior directors and managers in public and private sector companies have come under public scrutiny in terms of performance, governance and business decisions. Proper management of communications from the company and its personnel plays a vital role in protecting and promoting the corporate integrity and image.


We work with CEOs and senior directors in managing their company messages. We make sure that every message is consistent and the personnel are confident in delivering it. Our team also assess the options available to ensure that each message reaches the desired audiences – media interviews, B2B opportunities, conferences, one-to-one meetings etc. We also research and prepare the presentations, press releases and media statements for our clients, so that each is tailored to be relevant to the specific audience.


Having worked on some of the biggest public awareness campaigns in the history of Ireland, including the Euro Changeover, the introduction of a smoke free workplace, our professionals have the experience required to research, develop and implement local and national public relations and promotions campaigns.


We also understand the importance of working as part of an overall marketing team in order to deliver on our client’s goals and how to integrate the various marketing service providers including advertising, B2B communications, social media etc.


Modern communications strategies throughout the world include management and employees as important stakeholders in all industry sectors. They contribute to implementing business strategies and building the corporate image of the company and its products or services. David Curtin & Co works with our local and international clients to develop and implement effective internal communications strategies to inform, motivate and engage key staff in support of their contributions to business success and development.


Our team facilitate research programmes to establish the views and recommendations of staff, at all levels, on specific corporate issues. We identify the strengths and weaknesses of current client strategies and work with them to improve two-way communications between the company and the staff to bring both together in the best interest of the company.


David Curtin & Co never relies on ‘surveys of one’ when building communications strategies for clients. We work with the top research companies in Ireland to carry out surveys among specific target groups. The results of these independent scientific surveys allow us to provide clients with strategies and plans that are relevant and effective in delivering the message to specific target audiences.


Our specialists also provide our clients with analysis and reviews of current and proposed public policy so that they understand how these policies and regulatory issues can impact their business in Ireland and Europe.


David Curtin, Team Leader
David Curtin, Team Leader

David Curtin has over thirty years’ experience in the communications business. He managed many of the major communications campaigns in Ireland as well as providing a public relations service for the top Irish organisations and companies.

He has vast experience in liaising and working with Government Departments, implementing bodies and public representatives.

He represented several financial services companies including Ulster Bank, Tesco Personal Finance and An Post. Prior to establishing his own consultancy, David was the public relations manager for the National Lottery, An Post and FÁS.

David has been involved in major local community relations campaigns, media events and public affairs campaigns in Ireland. He has managed many public affairs campaigns resulting in the introduction of new legislation or changes to current legislation in Ireland.

His proud track record in crisis management has resulted in him being retained by major institutions and companies to manage communications in the event of a major crisis.

David is a member of the PRII and the NUJ.


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